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Liquid-Plumr Pin-Up Calendar Hunks Turn On The Sexy Talk

Liquid-Plumr doubles down on double entendres and beefcake with a new calendar.

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Previously, Liquid-Plumr made bathroom maintenance sexy, by promising ladies a house call from hunky, toilet plunging men. Since there weren't enough plumbers to go around, however, the brand created a pin-up calendar so that every woman could have all the men to herself.

The calendar, which kicks off in January 2014, has a product for every "plumr" lover. There's Mr. January, whose hobbies include carpentry and "staying in shape" and whose favorite past time are bathroom "quickies." You know—like unclogging the drain in your shower at a fast pace. Mr. June loves fast motorcycles and slow jams. He's also a fan of "deep penetration." You know—like when you pour Liquid-Plumr foam down the sink drain to free it up? And if neither of these guys strike your fancy, there's always Mr. April, whose guilty pleasure is cats. Mr. April is all about "filling your pipes"—with plumbr gel! Wait, is there some sort of subtext here?