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Guillermo del Toro's Ratty Viral Promo Will Ruin Your Day

Rat. Rats. Everywhere. Too many rats.

Guillermo del Toro sure knows how to stealthily get the word out about his projects. Before launching his recent Cabinet of Curiosities sketchbook, word crept out over Reddit that drawings from the book had been left behind in a taxi. So it should be no surprise to see that there is already found-footage-style content online promoting del Toro's new vampire series, which premieres in spring 2014 on FX.

The Strain is a show about a vampire pandemic that spreads across the globe. In the just-released viral clip promoting it, however, the focus is on the method in which the virus first breaks out—a very gross method. By now, we've all been inundated with enough vampires as to be more or less immune to their fear factor. Statistically, though, not one of us has ever gotten over rats. These little vermin are gross and bitey and make horrible squeaky noises and they're gross. Apparently they also carry Dracula-disease as well.

The clip above doesn't give a hint of the vampiric acrobatics to come, instead counting on the gross-out factor of hordes of rats to do the heavy lifting. (Done!) Made to look like footage shot from a random New Yorker's phone, the video shows a brunch interrupted by way too many rats crawling out of a grate at once. What are they doing? Why are there so many of them? Will I ever feel clean again? At least two of these questions will be answered next spring.