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You'll Be Seeing This Scary Japanese Tire Commercial Again In Your Nightmares

There's no reasonable explanation for why a tire ad should be this terrifying.

No matter how seasoned a driver you are, the threat of a car accident is always lurking. Even if you're in no way impaired or distracted and your car is up to code, there are still so many other cars and their drivers and the elements. It is for this reason that so many car commercials can easily tap into the primal fear of protecting one's family. A new ad for tires is making waves in Japan, however, with another kind of fear entirely.

Earlier this year, Co.Create took a look at how some brands use horror movie tactics to market their products. Fukuoka-based tire retailer Autoway has apparently taken this lesson to heart, with a brief commercial that plays out like an urban myth directed by Takashi Miike. The not-for-the-faint-of-heart warning at the top prepares bold viewers for anything, and then we're looking through a windshield into the snowy Japanese night. Snow is not the optimum condition to be driving in, obviously, but it seems our driver has a much bigger problem to deal with than that.

Watch the video above and see for yourself. If you don't get a good look, don't worry—you'll be seeing it again in your sleep tonight.

H/t to Kotaku