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Domino's Responds To British Airways "Look Up" Billboard With Its Own Cheeky Version

Air travel doesn't inspire wonder in anybody who's flown more than a couple of times, but pizza is forever.

Like almost a million viewers on YouTube, we were captivated by the "Look Up" campaign from British Airways, in which a little boy on a giant billboard in Piccadilly Circus gets up and points whenever an airplane flies overhead.

The folks who work in advertising for Domino's Pizza in the U.K. were paying attention, too. And while the callback to the childlike wonder that occurred in all of us when we first began to understand how airplanes worked in the British Airways billboard was effective, Domino's wants us to remember how exciting it was—and, okay, still is—when you realize that there are people whose whole job is to bring pizza directly to your house. To that end, with agency Arena, they launched the #LookDown campaign.

Based on the video of the billboard, it doesn't appear that they shelled out the big bucks for advertising real estate in Piccadilly Circus, but the 22-second spot is still a pretty fun spoof of an outsized campaign. By the time you're an adult, after all, airplanes are loud, crowded, cramped tubes where you have to pay extra if you want to bring a suitcase with you—but pizza is still great.