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Your Favorite Candy Bars Now Have Unprintably Dirty Names

A new short by Lee Hardcastle mashes up candy wrappers until they form some seriously foul words. Now you'll never see Snickers without thinking "**ckers"

Our post-Halloween hangover hasn't even gone away yet, and we already have a new reason to be mad at candy. It has nothing to do with the calorically cataclysmic treats themselves, however; instead, it's some rogue wrappers that have begun cursing out their intended recipients. And you thought you had a dirty mouth.

#CursingCandy is the latest short from animator Lee Hardcastle, and it does just what it says on the tin. The wrappers of your favorite candy bars collide together forming foul words—occasionally in the shape and style of what they're meant to portray. (See: "d*ck" and "sh*t"). If you're familiar with Hardcastle's insanely gory claymation ouvre, then the playfully subversive quality of the video will come as no surprise.

This outing is a bit of a departure from Hardcastle's previous work, though. Here, he has abandoned the clay of yore for a straightforward stop-motion video style. The actual wrappers are contorted until they form the appropriately inappropriate words. Perhaps he wants to create negative associations with candy as part of a radical new diet therapy programming. With the holidays imminent, it's perfect timing.