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This Student-Made Monster Short Is Pixar-Esque, But Slightly Less Kid-Friendly

Six students from Cape Town South Africa's The Animation School have just released a short film that is eight months in the making. Watch it as we count down the minutes until Hollywood snaps these folks up.

Notwithstanding reports of less than rosy job prospects facing new graduates looking for jobs, we are living in perhaps the best age ever for students in creative fields. The democratizing power of the Internet has left a path wide open for anyone to get his or her work out in front of a vast audience. Student films that score big on Reddit can easily end up in front of the eyes of agents who can offer career-making opportunities. The work in question has to actually distinguish itself with quality, however, in order for any of that distribution power to matter. On that front, the latest student film to capture Reddit’s fascination has nothing to worry about.

Big Game is a six-minute 3-D animated short created by six students from Cape Town, South Africa’s The Animation School. It centers on one ruthless hunter’s desperate pursuit of a lonely monster named Bobo, who is celebrating his birthday solo. While the one-sided battle they engage in may venture into Wiley Coyote/Roadrunner territory for a stretch, the creators apply an undeniably playful and fun sensibility to visually stunning graphics that rival even Pixar’s recent output. Every individual hair on Bobo the Monster may not have the clear definition of Sully in Monsters Inc, but some serious depth-of-field wizardry makes the 3-D pop in a way that usually requires those goofy glasses.

Lest anyone mistake this for a Pixar film, though, Big Game stands apart by being slightly more adult-focused. Kids could certainly still enjoy the film, but they might not understand why the villain’s handle on is "Sly.Hunt3r.69." Perhaps they’ll already be used to seeing an animated Skrillex, though, since the DJ was already featured in Wreck-It Ralph last year.

The six students who made the short are Matthew Furnell, Jarrod Hasenjager, Miro Kolenic, Romy Latter, Aarin Lehmkuhl, and Sarah Scrimgeour.