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Considering the cultural footprint a show like Breaking Bad has had, as well as the tweaker-like obsession of its fans, you can't really blame Bushmills for trying to tap into it. Sure, it might smell a bit obvious, but if you get the guy who breathed life into a character like Jesse Pinkman, you're going to want to use words like "cooking" and "breaking" to hype it right?

For the Irish whiskey's latest effort in its "Since Way Back" campaign, the brand and agency Cornerstone has Aaron Paul telling a tall tale dubbed "Cooking with Meteors" with a few old friends and some animated help. Basically, the actor did such a great job convincing his roommate that a meteor had landed in their backyard that his buddy's girlfriend actually called in the media. It's a great gag and not, as the more cynical among us may suspect, one exaggerated for the benefit of the brand. Paul actually told the original story on a Conan appearance last year. Turns out Aaron Paul is one of the best cry-faces AND pranksters in Hollywood.