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All the Deaths In "Game of Thrones," In A Lo-Fi Visualization

A very patient reader found a creative way to show the sheer abundance of beheadings, disembowelings, and molten gold skull-burnings that take place over the course of the Game of Thrones books, and we're better off for it.

All the Deaths In "Game of Thrones," In A Lo-Fi Visualization
[Photo courtesy of HBO]

On a long enough timeline, the mortality rate for each of us is 100%. In the wintry world of Game of Thrones, however, that timeline is seriously truncated. A new image circulating online shows just how prevalent violent, terrible deaths are in the books—without showing a single drop of blood.

As seen in a tweet from U.K. bookseller Wasterstones, containing an image that first landed online months ago, some reader of monk-like patience managed to chronicle every death that occurs in George R.R. Martin's beloved fantasy series. Not just the Red Wedding scene—that major character-killing fiasco that shocked TV audiences this past spring—every single stab, chop, and slice is accounted for. Using paper markers color-coded by book, this fan created an easy way to take in one's slim prospects of surviving a Game of Thrones book.

The odds of making it out of Clash of Kings alive looks particularly dicey.