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Find Out Who Sandra Bullock's Character Was Talking To In That "Gravity" Scene In This Companion Short Film

In one of the blockbuster's most memorable sequences, Sandra Bullock found herself howling like a dog with a stranger on a space station radio. So who was that guy?

Find Out Who Sandra Bullock's Character Was Talking To In That "Gravity" Scene In This Companion Short Film

Gravity is a perfect example of why we go to the movies: It's as full and complete a combination of storytelling and spectacle as we've seen in recent years.The film was notable for the simplicity of its core story, a story that unfolded as the characters struggled to survive in space, with no expansion or flashbacks required. But there were other worlds introduced within that story. And viewers can explore one of them in Aningnaaq, a companion short film directed by Jonas Cuaron, co-writer of Gravity (and son of the feature film's director, Alfonso Cuaron).

The short, which runs six minutes and takes place on Earth, where the laws of physics are in full effect, was released November 20 by Warner Bros. The studio opted to submit the short for Academy Award consideration, and putting it out to the world is a fine way to make sure that voters see it—though given Gravity's significance, it's hard to imagine that they'd have passed.

As the Jonas Cuaron told The Hollywood Reporter, the idea for the film came when two were working through the screenplay and the character was inspired by someone he met while visiting Greenland.

In any case: Take six minutes to meet Aningnaaq, the man who finds himself on the opposite end of Sandra Bullock's radio distress call. Aningnaaq is facing difficult conditions himself—the film takes place several days out from a journey through the tundra—and the story of his barking dogs and the baby who brings tears to Bullock's eyes in Gravity make for a tender reminder that everyone's circumstances are often more dramatic than you think.