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Watch The Ridiculous Trailer For "Machete Kills Again ... In Space"

Machete is unlikely to kill again, but if he does so, the next time will be in space.

Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills was not exactly a hit film: Despite a modest budget of $20 million, it grossed a mere $8 million at the domestic box office, good for the 4,298th spot on the all-time list. While the DVD and VOD market may manage to make Machete a money-maker in the end, it wouldn't be a shock to find that the run has come to an untimely end.

Still, if the series does manage to dodge certain doom as easily as Danny Trejo's titular federale avoids being hit by bullets fired by guns that are, seriously, pointed right at him—the next volume looks like a blast. The trailer for Machete Kills Again ... In Space has hit the Internet, and it's even more absurd than the previous installments.

The few people who saw Machete Kills were able to enjoy the trailer before that film began. The movie that followed created an extremely unlikely bridge from the absurd, but still vaguely plausible, Charles Bronson-esque Machete, to the utter ridiculousness of that hero fighting robot villains in outer space. Now, if you want to see Trejo's Machete in the format that introduced him to the world—and which perhaps suits him best—the fake trailer for the movie that Rodriguez clearly still wants to make is available online.