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New Interactive Video Is A Dream Come True For Channel-Surfing Bob Dylan Fans

See stars of more than 16 TV shows sing "Like a Rolling Stone."

You ever have that dream where you're watching TV, randomly flipping channels, when all of a sudden the people on the screen start all saying the same thing to you and no matter how many times you change the channel you can't escape their judgmental nagging?

This new interactive Bob Dylan video, by New York-based digital agency Interlude and director Vania Heymann, is basically that dream except instead of questioning your exercise regimen or eating habits, they're singing "Like a Rolling Stone."

The video, also made with Pulse Films and Walter Pictures, debuted on Dylan's website to help celebrate the release of a new 47-CD box set.

Is promoting a hilariously outdated music platform (47 CDs!) with cutting-edge media technology unintentional irony or simply a byproduct of cross-generational marketing? Who knows. Either way, flip through the channels often and in any order and you'll still be faced with everyone from Drew Carey on The Price is Right and the Property Brothers, to Pawn Stars and SportsCenter, lip syncing the classic rock tune. So far there are 16 channels but Interlude plans to add even more.

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