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This New PETA Video Will Make You Hate Thanksgiving, Yourself

The always-understated PETA serves up some animated holiday horror.

Want to know how your Thanksgiving turkey ends up on your dining room table? Check out this animated trip to holiday slaughter, as experienced by a little boy who becomes trapped on the turkey murder conveyer belt. The message comes from the masters of subtlety at PETA, which wants you to see first-hand how the Fowl Farm is really the Foul Farm.

The cartoon becomes increasingly harder to stomach as it progresses, with full-on torture and mutilation of the little boy. But that's the point. If you wouldn't gnaw on the limbs of a small child and subject him to a series of unthinkable bodily assaults, then why would you do the same with a turkey? Especially PETA's turkeys, which not only know right from wrong but love to cuddle. So "Go Vegan." You'll sure want to after watching this.