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Viral Hitmakers Ylvis Are Now "Airhorning" Classic Songs

♫ Sweeeet Car-o-line *honk* *honk* honk* ♫

The wildly viral jokesters of Ylvis have a misconception they'd like to clear up. They are not musicians who stumbled upon goofy gold online with "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)". Rather, they are professional goofballs whose most successful outing happened to come in the form of music. The Norwegian comedy duo's latest video blasts this point out by clearly being a sketch that just happens to rely on old tunes.

In "Airhorn Classics," the brothers who form Ylvis work the tried-and-true infomercial angle. The product on hand is the titular album, which involves incorporating the singularly annoying sound of an airhorn into famous jams like A-ha's "Take On Me." It's a simple sketch which ultimately begs the question, how have we somehow been listening to a non-airhorned Tina Turner all this time to begin with?

H/t to The Awesomer