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Watch This Epic Four-Minute Video Of Dominoes Falling—Across Continents

On the bright side, you can clean up the whole mess just by closing the browser tab.

Rube Goldberg-style videos that feature things falling down, knocking each other over, or otherwise triggering a massive chain reaction are fun, but at this point, it takes a lot to impress us. Consider us impressed, though, by this four-minute dominoes video that features elaborately designed domino patterns that collapse from swirls, towers, popsicle-stick cityscapes, and more.

While the video is edited in such a way that it appears to be an endless shot of dominoes stretching across what would have to be the longest living room ever, it's actually a series of domino patterns that flow seamlessly into one another. What's interesting is that the two people behind the video—a pair of domino enthusiasts known, at least for the moment, only as "Hevesh5" and "Millionendollarboy"—collaborated on the project from across an ocean. The first half of the patterns were created in the U.S., while the second half were done in Germany. (The switch happens at 1:35 in, although the floors on both continents appear to be wood laminates from IKEA.)

Some YouTube commenters expressed disappointment that it's not an endless shot of dominoes that stretched for miles, but there's something even more impressive, in our eyes, about a collaboration that takes place overseas and still manages to create the illusion that the dominoes are falling from within the same room. In any case, it's an impressive demonstration of what humans from around the world can do with some floor space, some dominoes, and a whole lot of free time.