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Expand Your Vulgar Vocabulary With This (Audio Enhanced!) Periodic Table of Swearing

Modern Toss drops some serious interactive swearing science.

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When it comes to swearing in the English language, it's hard to top the originals. New Yorkers come close, but the Brits' combination of creative rhyming and lyrical phrasing, matched with that accent, can make a terrible, terrible insult sound vaguely complimentary to the untrained ear.

If you're hoping to boost your curse vocabulary beyond longshoreman or Philadelphia Eagles fan status, look no further than the latest creation from Jon Link and Mick Bunnage, known collectively as Modern Toss.

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Built with Clay Interactive, whose client list includes Tate, The British Museum and the Bank of England, the interactive Periodic Table of Swearing organizes and offers a helpful audio guide to such classic curse elements as "Prat in a Hat" (Ph), "Blue Tit" (Bt) and "Only Got One Ball" (Ogb).

And yep, there's a f*&%ing app for that.