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A Vogue Photographer Turns His Eye To Gorgeous Grannies

Tim Walker shoots little old ladies who totally own their look.

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Tim Walker generally shoots fashion models. (Half nude Kate Moss is a favorite subject.) But now, according to the forward of his new book, The Granny Alphabet, Walker has chosen to pay homage to "the dying breed of little old ladies who live down the lane." In addition to shooting actual Nanas, Walker asked illustrator Lawrence Mynott to present his own interpretation of the Granny Alphabet, letter by letter ("Personally, I like 'H is for hats,'" Mynott tells us. "I feel the drawing is to the point, and both witty and stylish. In fact all things grannies should be!!!").

If you buy the book, all profits will go to Friends of the Elderly. Read on to see another of Mynott's favorite letters and see a collection of the grannies in the gallery above.

C is for Chic

Even when off to the bottle-bank to dispose of her empties, this doughty denizen of the 16th Arrondissement is appropriately attired, as is Mlle Fifi the poodle.

Slideshow Credits: 01 / Photograph © Tim Walker; 02 / Photograph © Tim Walker; 03 / Photograph © Tim Walker; 04 / Illustration © Lawrence Mynott; 05 / Illustration © Lawrence Mynott; 06 / Photograph © Tim Walker; 07 / Illustration © Lawrence Mynott;