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Infographic: How America Gets Drunk, State by State

New Yorkers are going to be shocked to learn that North Carolina has the most bars per capita, but that's only one of the surprises in this infographic of alcoholic facts about each state in the U.S.

Infographic: How America Gets Drunk, State by State

"To alcohol!" Homer Simpson once toasted. "The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems." Indeed, it seems as though alcohol is the great unifier of people—often to our detriment. Folks from just about everywhere clearly enjoy the occasional cocktail, but there still a lot of variances in how they enjoy it. Now, a new infographic is shining a light on some of these differences, like a fluorescent bar-bathroom mirror that reveals all.

Created by the team at CollegeHumor, "Drunken States of America" is an infographic that charts some of the best alcohol facts about each state. These odd stats about alcohol usage were compiled from over-the-counter hangover remedy Blowfish, which has made "odd stats about alcohol usage" a big value-add for its signature product. Some of this new intel will make you want to plan a pilgrimage, while others will make you want to stay the hell away from certain areas.

For instance, those who are loathe to hang around frat bros would be wise to stay away from Nevada, site of the World Series of Beer Pong. (Although let's face it, anyone with an aversion to frat bros should probably steer clear of Las Vegas anyway.) Those with the opposite of a shy bladder (an extroverted bladder?) might consider taking a trip to Utah, which I have just learned has the highest rate of alcohol-related public urination in any state.

Have a look through the rest of the infographic below. God buzz America!