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Watch Photoshop Turn A Woman Into A Completely Different Woman

Back in 2006, Dove's "Evolution" ad showed just how much primping, painting and photoshopping occurs between the time a model arrives at her call and when the finished photograph is released. Since then, we've seen a number of GIFs and videos that call out the visual and ethical fudge of Photoshopped images of female beauty.

Now, the distortion process has gone full body. A video at, shows how digital "touch ups" turn a model into a veritable Barbie doll. The result is nothing short of a philosophical conundrum; if you flatten the butt, elongate the legs, enlarge the eyes, and recolor the skin, is the model still the model? Is she still human? Is she really being paid for her image? The video is a slightly exaggerated illustration of a phenomenon that makes you wonder why fashion mags are even still using human subjects rather than a team of cartoonists.