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Louis CK Is Better At Self-Promotion Than You

Comedy's current reigning champion couldn't sell himself more simply.

Louis CK Is Better At Self-Promotion Than You

It is in keeping with Louis CK's no-frills persona that he can't seem to be bothered with traditional advertising. When he released his new HBO special last spring, that tendency manifested itself in a promo that mocked similar promos. Now that this special is available to stream on the comedian's website, he is at it again—with banner ads that deconstruct banner ads.

Looking aggrieved that he has to do even this bit of self-promotion, Louis CK appears in the ad on sites like Vulture, holding up a rudimentary sign that simply says "Buy my jokes $5." Even though he pioneered the distribution strategy that established that people are actually willing to pay for specials if they're inexpensive enough, the current reigning champion of comedy is savvy enough to present himself as an underdog with a devalued product.

Perhaps his next ad will just be an apology tacked onto a bulletin board.

H/t to Slate