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"SNL" Imagines How a Wes Anderson Horror Movie Might Go In This Parody Trailer

There is a very solid chance that a Wes Anderson horror movie would, indeed, be called "The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders." Watch the fake preview now.

When you have a cinematic signature as recognizable as Wes Anderson's, it inevitably invites parody. (And sometimes homage that borders on parody.) Hot on the heels of the first preview for his latest aesthetically precise movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, a new digital short on Saturday Night Live expertly imagines how a Wes Anderson horror movie might go.

Starting with the appropriately fanciful title The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders—rendered in Futura bold font, of course—the sketch attempts to replicate the immaculate composition of a Wes Anderson film, but in a horror movie context. Guest host Edward Norton does a passable Owen Wilson in playing a man whose house is terrorized by masked killers. It's a little too Tenenbaums-heavy to be a truly effective career-spanning parody, but the sketch features plenty of smart touches—like a killer in a neat tweed suit brandishing both a butcher knife and a gramophone.

It may not be enough to hold fans over until the new film comes out in 2014, but it will at least give Wes Anderson Halloween costumers some fresh material to work with.