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From the moment Arcade Fire announced the impending arrival of a new album, Reflektor, the band has been hard at work, stoking feverish anticipation for the thing. An interactive stunner of an introductory video gave way to secret(-ish) shows in Brooklyn, performing as The Reflektors. And now, unsurprisingly, the new album has leaked.

Pretty much every high-profile album leaks these days—well, since roughly the year 2002—it's just a matter of when it will happen. Another variable, though, is how creatively said band respond to the leak. In the case, of Arcade Fire, the answer is "very."

A video went up on Youtube October 24th, just days ahead of the scheduled October 28th release date, bearing the entire new album, set to scenes from the 1959 Brazilian flick, Black Orpheus. Labeled as "Arcade Fire - Reflektor (Full Album Teaser - Official)," the video has lyrics for every song on what is by far the most danceable album that the highly populated Canadian Grammy-winners have recorded thus far. And the dancing footage serves the music well. In fact, if you're a fan of Arcade Fire, there's absolutely no reason you should still be reading these words instead of listening.

H/t to BuzzFeed