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Laying Your Boobs on Stuff Is A New Meme—And Could Save Your Life

Creatives from agency 360i invent "mamming," a new meme with meaning.

Mammograms are uncomfortable and awkward (not to mention expensive), so plenty of women decide not have them. To remove the intimidation factor from the annual check up, breast cancer survivor Michelle Lamont and her friend Michele Jaret, both of ad agency 360i, invented the breast equivalent of planking. It's called "Mamming," and it's when you lay your boobs on stuff.

As shown in this video, starring The L Word actress Erin Daniels (her character died of breast cancer in the show), Jillian Bell from Workaholics and Edi Patterson from The Groundlings, you can lay your boobs on nearly anything: the counter at the pizza shop, a brick wall, a parking meter and, of course, the mammogram machine at the doctor's office. So for the rest of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Instagram some photos of yourself #mamming. You're sure to get funny looks, but you might save someone's life.