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So It Turns Out The Nike Logo Was a New York Logo All Along

A design studio reworks Nike's iconic logo to reveal an embedded message.

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Take Nike's branding. The slogan, "Just Do It," is a model of efficiency—it could be neither one word shorter nor longer. The swoosh is literally a single stroke of brilliance. But now, someone has now taken the Nike logo and both pared it down and expanded its meaning.

Husband-and-wife design studio Triboro have created a logo for Nike NYC that pays loving tribute to both entities. The new work appears to strategically scratch away lines from the word Nike, positioned above the swoosh, leaving behind just the lines that form "NYC." It's a move that recalls the graffiti-honed vibe of repurposing that runs through the city, and perhaps some CBGBs-style insouciance as well. At the same time, it's still authentically Nike and unmistakably simple. See it in action above.