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Banksy Creates A Lordly Ronald McDonald Sculpture, Sends It Around To McDonald's Restaurants

Ronald gets his shoes shined by a live boy, outside of McDonald's across New York.

Earlier in his "artist residency" underway in New York, Banksy unnerved (or delighted) meat eaters by driving a truck full of shrieking (stuffed) slaughterhouse-destined farm animals around the city.

Now, the artist has zeroed in on one of our largest meat purveying brands. A new installation pays unwanted homage to a meat-linked icon, Ronald McDonald. Banksy has created an imperious-looking statue version of Ronald ("the most sculpted figure after Christ," notes the online audio guide) and added a performance art element—a "real live boy" who is tasked with shining those big red clown shoes.

As the Banksy site notes: "A fibreglass replica of Ronald McDonald having his shoes shined by a real live boy...will visit the sidewalk outside a different McDonald's every lunchtime for the next week. Today: South Bronx.

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