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Watch Horror Movie Characters Actually Make Good Decisions In "Hell No" Trailer

"Let's NOT watch the guaranteed death video!" might not make for a compelling feature, but it would make for the most realistic horror movie ever.

Watch Horror Movie Characters Actually Make Good Decisions In "Hell No" Trailer

Characters in horror movies are notoriously, and necessarily, poor decision makers. The second they see an abandoned cabin, they just can't seem to wait to start with the truth-or-dare and Ouija boards. These tropes have been deconstructed before—even in feature-length fashion in Joss Whedon's and Drew Goddard's Cabin In The Woods—but there's something viscerally satisfying in seeing those characters actually make good decisions in the face of the traditional horror movie setups.

That's the premise behind Hell No: The Sensible Horror Movie, a short film structured as the trailer to a fake horror movie in which smart characters opt to stay out of obvious danger. The short recalls a number of horror movies from a variety of different schools of the genre—there are nods to Jaws, Cloverfield, Hellraiser, The Ring, and a bunch of others—and really highlights the extent to which every horror movie, whether striving for faux-realism, supernatural terror, or old-fashioned splatter—really is based on having a bunch of people make the dumbest possible choices.

Directed by Joe Nicolosi, the Austin-based filmmaker whose previous videos—like "The Matrix Retold By Mom", the "Marios Bros. Indie Film Trailer" and The Lego Wire—may have caught your attention, Hell No delivers exactly none of the thrills you might expect from a horror movie.

(h/t The Austin Chronicle)