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Can You Beat The Realistic Facebook Security Simulator? At Least You'll Have Fun Trying

A new game brings an appropriate level of absurdity to the issue of Facebook privacy settings.

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Do you find the current Facebook privacy settings difficult to navigate? Well they're about to get even more complicated. With Graph Search, you can now dig up any old post, which means double the embarrassment, double the shame. So how to protect your timeline against search attacks? Us Vs Th3m will school you in Facebook defense with their "Realistic Facebook Security Simulator."

Each level of the Simulator gives you three privacy settings to adjust. The catch is that you're racing the clock. So if it takes more than 20 seconds to decipher what "do not make everything not private" means, you're out of luck. Other important settings include "zoom in when I'm pictured eating" and "share elderly relatives' casual racism."

In the end, it doesn't matter whether you beat the clock or not. In this game, Zuckerberg always wins. Don't believe me? You will when you see a victorious Marky Mark prancersizing in a petal pink cardigan and white spandex.