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Native Americans Give Other Groups A Taste Of Casual Sports Team Racism

An ad from The National Congress of American Indians doesn't mince words, or horribly racist images, to make a point about retrograde sports mascots.

Native Americans have long tried to raise awareness about the racism inherent in their portrayal in sports team iconography like the Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins.

President Obama recently stirred the long-simmering pot of this dispute by weighing in on behalf of Native Americans. "I don’t know whether our attachment to a particular name should override the real legitimate concerns that people have about these things," he was quoted as saying. And now, a campaign from The National Congress of American Indians has come to light that attempts to give perspective on just how offensive these teams' names are.

The poster reads: "No race, creed, or religion should endure the ridicule faced by the Native Americans today. Please help us put an end to this mockery and racism by visiting"

The ad shows a Cleveland Indians ball cap adjoined by one that reads "New York Jews" and another that reads "San Francisco Chinamen." Each also features a mascot which tastelessly accentuates the classic stereotypes of the people described. The point of the campaign is that if you find any of these hats offensive, you should find all of them offensive.

As reported by Slate, the ad isn’t new—it was created by agency Devito/Verdi in 2001—but it's back in the spotlight as the issue has come to the fore and as the NCAI releases a new report on it.

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