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Latest Crazy Volvo Stunt Involves A Truck Running With Bulls In Spain

When it comes to ridiculous video stunts, Volvo is—no bull—trying to set a record.

Volvo Trucks has been making its advertising bones lately by risking its own—in the past month, the company has stood its division president on a crane over a massive body of water in Sweden, given a stuntwoman the chance to splatter herself across a highway tunnel in Croatia by having her walk across a tightrope suspended between two moving trucks, and allowed a hamster, guided by a carrot, to drive a truck up and down a massive quarry.

Their latest attempt to visually demonstrate the safety of Volvo's trucks by showing someone doing a remarkably dangerous thing while driving it and emerging unscathed takes them back to Spain: specifically, this time, Ciudad Rodrigo, home of the original bull run. This time out, the driver of a bright red Volvo FL—precision driver Rob Hunt—has to wind his way through the narrow, twisting streets of the medieval Spanish town while chased by what appears to be nearly a dozen bulls.

The spot is directed by Oscar-nominated doc and commercial director Henry-Alex Rubin, who along with a crew of 250 people, captured the amazing footage with 28 cameras "including an octocopter and a 360° camera."

People not in trucks running with the bulls fare a bit worse than the driver—though nothing too grisly occurs on-camera—but the Volvo does indeed make it through the high-speed, narrow chase intact. (The bulls, a press release from Volvo makes clear, have been retired to a farm outside of Guadalajara, where they will no longer be placed in danger to sell trucks.)

We can only assume the next Volvo spot will involve dropping a truck strapped down with GoPro cameras on your house from outer space or something, where it will drive straight ahead to a ramp and jump the Grand Canyon.