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Eminem Answers The Call of Duty With His New Video, "Survival"

Eminem's latest ties into "Call of Duty: Ghosts" and your teenage son loves it.

Eminem Answers The Call of Duty With His New Video, "Survival"

If nothing else, Eminem is a survivor. After blowing up in the late-90s, Marshall Mathers arguably burnt out around 2005 and took a five year respite. But two albums and a return to profitable record-making later, Eminem is still with us; rap-screaming as angrily as ever. Thus, it's only fitting that his latest song is called "Survival".

The only thing more fitting than the title, in fact, is that the video is a tie-in with the latest iteration of blockbuster video game franchise Call of Duty. Throughout the video, a collaboration between the artist, Activision and agency 72andSunny, Eminem rhythmically yells at us whilst standing in front of a brick wall onto which gameplay from Call of Duty: Ghosts is projected. Further cementing the association between the two youth-skewing entities, we occasionally cut to some graffiti-writers outside tagging the Ghosts logo. "Survival" which is featured in the game, is the second single off The Marshall Mathers LP 2, due out November 5.