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"Carrie" Prank Freaks Out Coffee Shop Patrons With A Frightening Display Of Telekinesis

To promote the remake of Carrie, a coffee shop is turned into a horror show.

Imagine if you went to the NYC cafe 'sNice for a soy latte and a piece of vegan chocolate cake when, suddenly, an argument between two customers turned into a frightening display of telekinesis. To publicize the remake Stephen King's thriller Carrie, in theaters this month, the movie's special effects team rigged up a series of wires, pulleys, and remote-controlled furniture to make the creepy extrasensory skill appear real. The best part about the prank was clearly the horrified reactions of the other patrons (be they real or acted). Be sure to keep an eye out for the woman at 1:42 of the video, who can't stop filming the scene with her phone, even as she tries to run away.