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Banksy Continues New York Takeover With Mobile Garden And "Rocket Attack" Video

Banksy is staying busy in New York City, with a garden on wheels and a video with his particular brand of political commentary.

Banksy Continues New York Takeover With Mobile Garden And "Rocket Attack" Video

October 5
All City
A New York delivery truck converted into a mobile garden (includes rainbow, waterfall and butterflies).

Last week, British street artist and folk hero Banksy launched "Better Out Than In," an ongoing exhibit in New York, and something of an artist residency on the streets of the city. Since we first reported on this show, however, the world renowned artist has been busy growing his ideas—in at least one case, literally.

As part of the exhibit, Banksy renovated the inside of a New York City delivery truck, turning it into a mobile garden. As the truck travels around the city, so does its functional waterfall, butterflies, and rainbow. Each night of the exhibition, the truck stops at a different, difficult-to-predict location, such as the East Village Meat Market. If you can't make it out to see the piece in person, though, calling 1-800-656-4271 and dialing #3 when prompted gives users an auditory, museum-style tour of the road-garden.

Of course, it's not all high-profile street art and trucks containing waterfalls for Banksy. He also created a satirical video recently that's worth a look. Describing it in even modest detail would take away from the twist, but let's just say it starts off as footage of Syrian rebels cribbed from an Al Jazeera news report, before taking on some of Banksy's distinct political commentary. Watch it below.

October 6