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See The Stunning Robot Army Trailer That's Got Hollywood's Attention

Proof-of-concept trailers are an awesome way to showcase a director's vision, but a sad way to remind us that the movie doesn't actually exist.

It's not rare these days for a director who wants funding to make a movie to start by crafting a killer trailer to a film that doesn't exist, but it is rare that the trailer makes us want to watch that as-yet-nonexistent movie immediately. That's the trick that Spanish director J.J. Palomo pulls off with his three-minute short/trailer, Keloid.

The trailer sets up Keloid as the latest singularity-based, man-vs-machine disaster movie—think Terminator, maybe—with some extremely creepy imagery. (Mannequins, in this world, may well be as dangerous as robots—and nothing's worse than a villain whose mouth doesn't move when it talks.) It's a slick combination of some lo-fi practical effects, like shooting a room full of creepy-looking mannequins while a child-like voice speaks, with slick effects and CGI that lends the appearance of a Hollywood blockbuster. Massive armies of robot machine gunners take to the streets against amassed armies of armor-clad humans, and the whole thing sets up a conflict that it would be a lot of fun to watch play out over the course of two hours.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that might be a possibility at some point, too: According to its post on the short, Palomo is working with a pair of producers including Roy Lee, who produced Spike Lee's forthcoming Oldboy remake. Hollywood being Hollywood, there's no way to know if that'll ever actually happen—but the trailer, at least, gives us a reason to hope.