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This Is How Much The Government Owes Us In Taxes For The Shutdown

A group of creatives made a site in response to the government shutdown that tracks how much money has been collected from taxpayers since the U.S. closed up shop.

As of this writing the government has been shut down for over six days. Unsurprisingly, people are pretty upset with Congress. Some have channeled their frustration into a data-driven protest.

Give It Back to Us is a website that keeps a running tally of just how much taxpayer money has gone into government coffers since the shut down began. Creatives Tim Geoghegan, Mike Bodge, Stuart Brown, and Imp Kerr took figures from the U.S. government revenue website and applied an algorithm that calculates how much tax money is collected with each passing moment. The group is encouraging anyone who finds the shutdown equally absurd to bring their eye-rolling powers to bear on Twitter with the hashtag #GIVEITBACKTOUS.

It's almost hypnotic to see how much money is added to the figure every second. Mainly, though, it's infuriating.

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