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Meet Walter Blanco And The Rest Of The Cast Of The Spanish Language "Breaking Bad" Remake

Breaking Bad addicts just need to learn Spanish and they can get a whole new fix.

Meet Walter Blanco And The Rest Of The Cast Of The Spanish Language "Breaking Bad" Remake

There's at least one more way for Breaking Bad die-hards to get a new crystal-blue fix of extremely depressing, painful-to-watch-yet-nonetheless-totally-addicting television about a cancer-stricken meth dealer/high school chemistry teacher that doesn't involve scouring the Internet for "Jesse, Badger, and Skinny Pete's Alaskan Adventures" fanfic: Metastasis, the Spanish-language remake of the show set in Colombia, is really happening.

For proof that watching an emasculated middle-aged man in tighty-whities destroy the lives of everyone he encounters is something that translates across borders, languages, and cultures, the first cast photos of Metastasis have been released—and they look pretty good. Diego Trujillo (whom very sharp-eyed American audiences who've seen the 2000 Russell Crowe/Meg Ryan vehicle Proof Of Life dozens of times for some reason may recognize from a small part in that film) stars as Walter Blanco/Heisenberg, and seems capable of conveying both pathetic desperation and grim-faced menace. Roberto Urbina takes on the role of Jose Miguel Rosas—Jesse Pinkman, naturally—while Sandra Reyes stars as Walter's embattled wife, Cielo Blanco, and a bald-headed Julian Arango takes on the role of his law enforcement officer brother-in-law, Henry Navarro.

The show will air in the U.S. on Univision's UniMas network.