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This 360-Degree Interactive Wingsuit Footage Is Like Your "Falling" Dream, But Real

Beautiful, scary, first-person flight footage from every angle imaginable.

This 360-Degree Interactive Wingsuit Footage Is Like Your "Falling" Dream, But Real

Since the dawn of time, it has always been mankind's dream to take flight. The advent of the airplane has made sky-travel a reality, but not enough to satisfy thrill-seekers who want to experience the atmosphere firsthand. While some have parachuted their way to an approximation of flying, or even jumped from space, one of the latest innovations in flight simulation is the wingsuit, which provides a new dimension to parachuting and BASE jumping. Now, those too scared to actually partake in such an adventure can still have a chance to experience it firsthand.

A new video from German daredevil Beni Kälin shows exactly what it feels like to base jump from the notorious Eiger "Mushroom" mountain in Switzerland. The first wingsuit video from the Mushroom arrived in 2010, with a first person POV not unlike that of an eagle wearing a GoPro. Where Kälin's video innovates, however, is with the use of a 360-degree camera shooting the experience, and an interactive function allowing users to see all angles of his breathless sky-excursion.

Of course, not every attempt with the wing suit works out so well, so perhaps Kälin should consider himself lucky.

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