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"New York Daily News" Produces Perfect Pop Culture Flip-Off To Congress

As the government shutdown takes effect, New York Daily News gets scatological with Congress, declaring the house eminently flush-worthy

House of Cards is a show set in the intersecting worlds of media and politics. It won plaudits from viewers, and even a historic Emmy, partly due to the creators' attention to realism. Therefore, one might wonder how the show would portray the media's response to the government shutdown, which went into effect at midnight on October 1. Since the Kevin Spacey-starring show has a penchant for the dramatic, there is a fair chance a front page might have appeared similar to today's raging New York Daily News, one with a stab at scatological humor. The difference, however, is that the Daily News cover used as its poo-inspiration House of Cards itself. That the paper used that headline not for a pan of the show, but of the actual government is nothing short of a media miracle.