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View And Compare Every Constitution On The Planet With This New Tool

Know your rights—and everyone else's.

View And Compare Every Constitution On The Planet With This New Tool

Despite the fact that it's evoked to defend just about any political stance, most Americans probably haven't thought about the drafting of the U.S. Constitution since eighth grade history.

But many nations around the world are, this very moment, attempting to put their values and laws on paper. Each year, approximately five new constitutions are written and 20 to 30 are amended and revised.

But how do you actually go about writing one? How do you know what makes for a well-structured judiciary? And what if you look at the U.S. Congress in deadlock and think Hell no! Not in my country! The Comparative Constitutions Project, has created Constitute, an online tool that can search and compare the texts of any constitution in the world filtered by topic, location, and date of ratification. It's not just an educational tool for history buffs but a practical one for new governments working under intense time pressure to draft and ratify. So what does your constitution say about the rights of women? (And does it say anything at all?) Take a look.

Constitute was created in partnership with Google Ideas.