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Without a Doubt, This Is The Most Creative Best Man Toast You've Ever Seen

In an innovative twist on best man speeches, two brothers made an '80s-style music video for the groom, and it is absolutely incredible.

A lot of companies once encouraged employees to join Toastmasters, a program that teaches better public speaking. One wonders, though, if the curriculum has kept pace with the changing toasting landscape, which has seen an explosion in innovation lately. For anyone enrolled in that program in order to train for his brother's best man speech, may we recommend this video as a master class?

When two brothers were given the task of making a best man speech for a third brother, Robin, this past weekend, they chose to go off, way off, the beaten path. "We knew the hardest thing would be doing a traditional best man’s speech because we would cry too much," they write on a website that will be explained momentarily. "So instead, we made an '80s music video, since it's the coolest decade by far and because Robin is an '80s boy." The resulting document looks much less like a clumsy nostalgia grab than an authentic Reagan-era MTV mainstay. It's also spit-coffee-on-your-computer hilarious.

Attributed to Baddy Paris and Rufus Starlight, who have both a website and a Facebook page, "We Are Brothers" is a precise amalgam of the decade it aspires to, and it's staggeringly well produced. There are headbands and shades and cruising in cars, there are chrome bodysuits and robot-dancing, and even a dramatic cathedral scene. The music sounds like The Human League meets the Drive soundtrack, with a bit of operatic silliness thrown in for good measure. Taken together, it is at one catchy, goofy, bizarre, and affecting. Although Robin and his wife Helen are probably on their honeymoon, there is a good chance they are still laughing about this amazing video right now.

Not since that Braff-sourced marriage proposal has Co.Create seen such creative care put into part of a marriage. Chime in with your greatest wedding creativity stories below.