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Watch A Teddy Bear And Sock Monkey Duel In "The Mega Plush"

If the Punisher were a teddy bear, he'd still be brutal—he would apparently just hunt sock monkeys, instead of criminals.

Call it Toy Story with a dark edge: The Mega Plush is a three-and-a-half minute CGI short that features a broken-down Sock Monkey in a bullet-proof vest, armed with a pair of sidearms, being pursued by a bad-ass Teddy Bear who's similarly packing heat, wearing a Punisher-style skull logo across his chest.

Sock Monkeys are inherently pathetic, and never more so than when one is dragging itself across the pavement. So when the script flips on the brutal Teddy (who apparently amuses himself by hunting the poor sock monkeys), there's a sense of justice at play.

The whole short is—frankly—super-weird, as no context is given for what has these two cute plush creatures playing a deadly game of cat-and-mouse throughout the city, but super-weirdness, with great animation and an unexpected premise, never hurt anybody's chances of getting attention on the Internet. The film appears to be the first episode in a Mega Plush story from 3-D animator Matt Burniston that will also include a mobile game and merch.