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Shuttersong App Allows Users To Blend Still Images With Sound

Everybody loves sharing photos these days, but what if a picture doesn't capture everything you want to get across?

Shuttersong App Allows Users To Blend Still Images With Sound

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many extra words is a picture worth when it comes embedded with audio that lets a user add, um, extra words? That's the question that the newly launched app Shuttersong seeks to answer. Now, if you send mom a picture of you and her grandkids at the beach, she can look at it and also hear the kids shout, "We love you, grandma!" And what grandmother doesn't want that?

It's not just about attaching bonus spoken messages to a still photo, though: Shuttersong is neutral about what kind of audio you include. Got a great concert shot? Maybe embed it with a few seconds of crowd noise. Want to put a photo of your missing cat on Craigslist? We're betting the neighbors will be on an extra-high alert if you make it so Celine Dion sings "All By Myself" when they click on it.

There'll be a camp who asks whether there's really much point to this—after all, video can accomplish basically the same thing, and there is no shortage of apps out there that allow a person to create videos with their phones. But there is probably an expressive genius out there who is going to figure out how to juxtapose a single still image with a perfect sound in a way that makes us all believe in the power of love or hope or dreams or something. That is how this sort of technology works, after all, and everything that brings us closer to that moment is worth a quick download of a free app to see if this form of expression resonates with you.