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Satirical PSA Explains Why Rape Is Always A Woman's Fault

"You’ve clearly been misled by the notion that women are people too."

Although "It's Your Fault" was made by comedians, it's only funny in the grimmest way imaginable. The short video is an anti-rape PSA disguised as a mea culpa from Indian women, who admit that they are to blame for provoking the alarmingly high number of rapes that occur in their region of the world. Are you laughing yet?

Created by All India Bakchod, the guys behind India’s most widely heard podcast, "It's Your Fault" lays out an overview of the common mistakes women may not realize they are making, starting with fashion. According to the video, the following outfits are likely to force men to ignore consent laws: shorts, skirts, dresses, burkas, radioactive gear.

The video also deftly delves into some of the logical double-binds that compassion-free authorities are known to evoke when consulted about a rape. If a woman is attacked alone, a police officer in the video wonders, why didn't she have any men around to protect her? If a woman is attacked by the men she was with, the officer further speculates, why was she hanging around with such men? It's a clever way to address the humiliation women are made to endure when coming forward about an assault.

Perhaps the darkest element of the video, though, is that throughout its duration, the women offering testimonials about their culpability in their own rapes appear increasingly injured before our eyes. In each scene, they present with fresh scars, bruises and even head wounds. The bleakness of the humor here is understandable, though, when considering that, according to government statistics, an Indian woman is raped every 22 minutes on average. In any case, the thin veil of satirical humor here is a trojan horse that will hopefully bring a much-needed reminder that these kinds of attacks are, in fact, never a woman's fault.