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Netflix Unveils "Spoiler Foiler" To Protect "Breaking Bad" Laggers

If you haven't started Breaking Bad yet, what's wrong with you? But also, there's an app to keep your friends from ruining it.

Netflix Unveils "Spoiler Foiler" To Protect "Breaking Bad" Laggers

It's a heck of a paradox: If you're not watching Breaking Bad, all of the incessant talk about the show's pending conclusion has probably triggered your "Huh, I should see what all the hype is about" instinct. But if you start watching the show now, all of the incessant talk means that names like "Hank," "Jesse," "Flynn," and "Walt" tend to be followed by spoilers that will make the actual experience of watching the show a little less exciting than it might be otherwise. Who wants to launch into a show that has millions of people across the country guessing when you already know what's going to happen?

Netflix—home of the previous five seasons of Breaking Bad for your streaming pleasure—is aware of your predicament, and aware that it paid a bunch of money for those Breaking Bad rights and would like people to watch the show, so it has a solution, at least for one of your social media platforms: the Spoiler Foiler. Log in with Twitter, and if on Sunday night, someone tweets, "I can't believe Todd and Lydia made out on top of Walt Jr.'s dead body," you'll merely see some blacked-out lines.

It's a savvy solution to a real annoyance, and the fact that they're working from means that they'll probably bring it back the next time they have the rights to a show that the whole country is talking about—since it wouldn't make much sense to prevent Mad Men spoilers from