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Heineken Makes Big Social Media Talkers Walk The Walk

After their first "Depature Roulette" video got over 2 million views, the beer company decided to very personally engage their fans with the next one.

When Heineken introduced its "Departure Roulette" campaign in July, it put people in a tough position: the brand set up shop at JFK International Airport and offered passers-by a free trip to a completely random location somewhere in the world, with the catch that they would have to cancel their current travel plans and leave right then.

If you're about to get onto an airplane, though, the odds are good that you are doing so for a reason that you might not be able to back out on with no notice, and at least as many people in the video decline, with regrets, as actually take the beer company's reps up on the offer. Still, if you're sitting at work and watching someone turn down a free trip to, who knows, maybe Laos, it's hard not to feel like you'd definitely get on that plane.

In the latest video in the Departure Roulette series, created by Wieden + Kennedy, Heineken attempts to call those bluffs: People who commented, Tweeted, Facebooked, or otherwise expressed with certainty that they would jump at the chance to push a button and commit to dropping everything to get on an airplane set off for wherever get their opportunity. The Heineken team shows up to find of a bunch of people who posted things like, "No question that I would do this in a second," and then puts them on the spot: want to push the button, pack a bag, and get on the next flight?

This time out, nobody has to cancel previously made travel plans. They just have to call their boss and tell 'em they won't make it to the office on Monday, they're going to Reykjavik. The whole thing looks like a lot of fun: In this video, everybody says yes, everybody's boss is happy for them, and, presumably, everybody clinks a celebratory Heineken with the person across the aisle as they set off on whatever weird adventure they'll be going on. Who doesn't love a happy ending?