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New Zealand Anti-Drugs-And-Driving PSA Is Very Different From How We Do Things Here

If you watch the ad and think that blazing away before you hit the road might lead to some funny moments with you and your friends, at least you're thinking about it.

Apparently in New Zealand, they do public service announcements a bit differently from how we're used to them in the States. For instance, over there, they'll ask Taika Waititi—director of the film Eagle vs. Shark, as well as several episodes of Flight of the Conchords and The Inbetweeners—to film a two-and-a-half-minute spot that makes driving while messed up on drugs look like the best time three little kids can have.

In the black-and-white commercial by Waititi (who also received an Oscar nomination for his 2003 short, Two Cars, One Night), two boys in the front seat of an old station wagon spend the bulk of the ad demonstrating the various predicaments that a stoned driver can find himself in, as they talk about how their fathers drive "when blazing." Some examples: Driving with one hand on the wheel, bopping in beat to some reggae with a big thumbs-up; steering with your feet; being impressed with your reflection in the mirror; forgetting that the light is green; finding the door locks extremely interesting. It's cute, and funny, and the ending suggests that maybe one of the kids in question doesn't find all the drug talk that funny.

Regardless of what you make of the ending, it's definitely something that'll hold an audience's attention for two minutes and get them to consider the ad's central question, which it helpfully asks in big letters at the end: "Drug Driving—Is It Really That Safe?" A reasonable person, after viewing the ad, could determine that it's a pretty good time—but it's at least something that they'll be talking about.