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Volkswagen Revisits The Classic "Take On Me" Video In New Campaign

There's nothing that makes you feel more like a mid '80s Norwegian synth-pop superstar than not having to pay for scheduled maintenance for two years.

If there's anything that gets the kids excited about your mid-level import sedan, it's learning that all scheduled maintenance for the first 24,000 miles is offered at no charge. If there's anything else that the kids are into, it's classic music videos from mid '80s Norwegian synth-pop bands—all of which makes Volkswagen's "Feeling Carefree" commercial, which recalls A-Ha's six-time MTV VMA award-winning "Take On Me" video, a perfect spot to get the young'ns feeling like VW is making a car targeted just to them.

Or, at least, a good spot to remind people for whom mid-level VW sedans are actually something of a dream car (check out that safety rating!) of their misspent, MTV-saturated youth, back when they didn't have to worry about things like scheduled maintenance.

The 45-second spot from VW agency Deutsch LA and director David Shane, is a combination of still drawings, animation, and live action, using the same rotoscoping techniques that A-Ha did back in 1985 to translate the actors' likenesses to pencil sketch-style animation. Like A-Ha's golden-age-of-music-videos original, it's a bit of comic book-inspired wish-fulfillment, albeit in this case, it comes to an end when the dude involved gets caught harmonizing with the song in a meeting-induced reverie. But at least he doesn't have to pay for those tune-ups, right?