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Dennis Rodman's Ad Mocking His Own North Korean Adventure Is "Nuts"

In a strange ad for Wonderful Pistachios, Dennis Rodman pokes fun at his recent dubious attempts at diplomacy with North Korea.

NBA hall-of-famer and confirmed weirdo, Dennis Rodman, made headlines earlier this year when he visited North Korea. Along with the gonzo documentarians at Vice, Rodman was among the first Americans to publicly meet with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un. The reality show staple is even said to be considering training the North Korean national basketball team, in an effort to improve relations between North Korea and the U.S. Just in case anyone wondered if perhaps he was taking his oddball diplomacy efforts seriously, though, Wonderful Pistachios has just released a commercial in which Rodman appears sitting next to a Kim Jong-Un lookalike.

During February's Super Bowl, Wonderful Pistachios elicited some groans with their spot, in which Psy altered his world-beating hit "Gangnam Style" to be about cracking pistachios. The new ad is more likely to have viewers scratching their heads. In the brief clip, Dennis Rodman sits alongside the Supreme Leader and reveals the secret of world peace: pistachios. Kim Jong-Un appears to disagree, and thus responds with the nuclear option.

Co.Create has a number of questions for Rodman, his publicist, and the creative team at Wonderful Pistachios, and the foremost one is: why?