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Two Pranksters Perfect the Hug Tease for Cynthia Rowley

Something unusual—a sort of fun, watchable video from a fashion brand. Huh.

Imagine you're a single guy walking down the street when a gorgeous woman suddenly approaches with a huge smile and outstretched arms. She's getting awfully close, so you think: "Who, me?"

Of course not you, you doofus. She's heading for her equally gorgeous friend walking up behind you. In "Big Hugs," a spot for Cynthia Rowley, blogger Athena Calderone and actress Hailey Gates give a big diss to men all over town (including celebrity plants Andy Cohen and designer/actor Waris Ahluwalia). Of course, the women eventually get their comeuppance. Michael Bloomberg may be on his way out of the mayor's office, but he's still ballsy enough to give one of these hug-teasing models a taste of her own medicine—with help from Rowley herself.