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"Star Trek" Celebrates Streaming Release By Teleporting Mall-Goers

U.K. illusionist Scott Penrose, put on a teleportation demonstration at a mall to promote "Star Trek Into the Darkness" on streaming service Blinkbox.

If you grew up watching Star Trek, you probably dreamed of the day when you would be able to get "beamed" from location to location, perhaps at the hands of a walking stereotype named Scotty. Recently, a trio of British mall-goers got to live out your weird dream.

The latest Star Trek movie of the JJ Abrams era, Into Darkness, became available on the streaming service Blinkbox on September 10th. In order to celebrate, Paramount worked with U.K. illusionist Scott Penrose to pull off a teleportation stunt in the middle of a bustling mall—a preferred location for attention-seeking pageantry.

In the video, a sizable group of mall denizens gather around an impressively high-tech looking structure that's not unlike a phone booth. Penrose ushers some completely random and not in any way whatsoever planted volunteers into the tardis teleportation device and then appears to beam them up to various nearby locations in the mall. Although the video doesn't reveal exactly how the trick is accomplished, stick around until the end for a huge hint.