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"Funfair In Your Mouth" Is The Japanese Answer To Getting Kids To Eat Their Veggies

A step up from "here comes the airplane."

Forget Captain Vegetable. To promote its Azuke No Moto veggie seasoning sauce, Japan's Ebara Foods took a 21st-century approach to making kids eat their greens. Welcome to the fabulously named game, "Funfair In Your Mouth."

The game, from Beacon/Leo Burnett Japan, puts kids inside of a mouth cockpit and challenges them to gobble up flying broccoli by maneuvering their heads and chewing. Each successful bite is accompanied by a deliciously satisfying "chomp" sound effect. Next, kids are asked to hold up real veggies. The game registers the color of said vegetable and, when the child takes a bite, shoots like-colored fireworks into the air. The ad is so adorable, it will make you want to stuff your face with spinach.