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Somehow, This Ad About Pooping In Public Is Real

Warning: this ad for the very real product PooPourri contains the phrases "creamy behemoth" and "prairie dogging"

Going to the bathroom for an extended spell, when done correctly, is not really a topic fit for polite discourse. So of course that's why a clip promoting something called PooPourri is the second toilet-centric ad in the past few months to plop onto the Internet.

Like the Dollar Shave Club guy's recent ad for One-Wipe Charlies before it, the new spot for PooPourri seems like it could be a parody of an ad, rather than the real thing. The ad itself is very much aware of that fact, which is why its star directly addresses viewers to assure them that PooPourri, an in-bowl spray that supposedly evaporates your bathroom stench, has already sold over 4 million bottles.

Created by the Harmon Brothers, the ad prays upon all of our worst fears—having to go number two someplace where other people, possibly a date, may be near. It begins with the bang of a public restroom door slamming open to reveal a redheaded woman in classy cocktail attire, perched on her throne. "You would not believe the mother-load I just dropped," she says in a British accent. The same could be said of the ad itself, if only it weren't imploring us to believe it throughout.